Guidelines for Paper Submission

All registered applicants can now proceed to full paper submission. Please read the below information carefully.

1. Download the Full Paper Template (including an Author Information sheet in separate page) here.

2. Go through the given template and prepare your Full Paper according to the template. Papers that do not follow these templates will be returned to the author for editing.

3. Fill out the Author Information sheet according to your preferred publication option.

4. Upload the completed Full Paper through your registration account by 9 May 2022. The committee does not accept final papers submitted by email. If you have problems in uploading your paper, please send the file through this link.

5. The paper should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document in .doc format or .docx format (not as a PDF). Please use the following filename for your paper: [Full Paper_ID Number_Your Name]

6. Full paper should be no more than 5000 words, including the abstract, main text, tables, figure captions, and appendixes (but not including the title, affiliations, acknowledgments, nomenclature, or references).

7. All third-party work included in your paper should be properly acknowledged with references.

8. Before submitting, please ensure that your paper is original and unpublished. The paper also should not contain grammatical and language errors. Upon the completion of your full paper do not forget to proofread the written materials.

9. You will then have an option to include your paper in the Springer Conference Proceedings at an additional cost. Please find the details here. We will later update the Guidelines for Publication on our website.