Guidelines for Participants

Please follow the steps below to register and submit your abstract:

1. For a first timer, create your account by filling the form here

2. Once registered, log into your account here

3. Click on ‘NEW SUBMISSION’

4. STEP 1. Choose the relevant Sub-theme under the ‘TRACK’ drop down option. Click button ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’

5. STEP 2. Fill information on ‘AUTHORS’. Fill ‘TITLE AND ABSTRACT’ for individual paper abstract. For panel proposal, please fill ‘TITLE AND ABSTRACT’ with panel title and panel abstract.

6. STEP 3. Submit your Application Form and click the ‘UPLOAD’ button. You can submit multiple files. Please download Application Forms here:

7. STEP 4. Confirm the submission. After submission, you will see your submission with the ‘Awaiting assignment’ status.